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Start well


Creamy tomato pasta (V)

Homemade red onion and tomato crustless quiche (V)

Filled baked potato


Crusty bread and potato wedges

Broccoli and sweetcorn


Apple muffin



Ravolini in homemade tomato sauce (V)

Bolognaise bake (V)

Tuna sandwich


Oven baked potato wedges

Sweencorn and coleslaw


Homemade shortbread and fruit

Homemade margheritsa Pizza (V)

Quorn pata (V)

Filled baked potato


Crusty bread

Garden peas and mixed salad


Chocolate and strawberry swirl

Top ten


Baked sausages

Omelette (V)

Tuna sandwich


Creamed potatoes

Baked beans and coleslaw


Jammy dodger

Tasty meatballs in gravy

Veggie meatballs in gravy (V)

Filled baked potato


Brown and white rice

Mixed vegetables and salad


Decorated iced sponge

Hot chicken flatbread

Falafel flatbread with yoghurt and mint dressing (V)

Filled baked potato


Vegetable rice

Sweetcorn and coleslaw


Peach sponge and custard





Traditional roast chicken

Open cheese pie (V)

Tuna Sandwich


Roast potatoes

Carrots and cabbage


Fresh fruit platter

Homemade meat pie or veggie mice pie (V) and gravy

Salmon sandwich


Chips or potato salad

Carrot and swede


Upside down chocolate and pear sponge with chocolate sauce



Homemade sausage roll

Veggie sausage roll (V)

Tuna sandwich


Creamed or salad potatoes

Baked beans and sweetcorn


Strawberry ice cream

Around the world


Chicken tikka masala

Quorn tikka masala (V)

Ham and tomato Panini

Filled baked potato


Brown and white rice

Sweetcorn and salad


Marble sponge and custard



Rich lasagne

Sweet chilli quorn fillet (V)

Filled baked potato


Crusty bread or brown and white rice

Broccoli and carrots


Fruit jelly

Katsu chicken curry

Vegetable country bake (V)

Filled baked potato


Brown and white rice or baken potato

Mixed vegetables and indian salad


Fresh fruit platter





Golden fish fingers

Fishless fingers (V)

Cheese wrap (V)


Chips or baked potato

Garden peas and salad


Aussie Crunch

Harry Ramsdens battered fish

Fishless fingers(V)

Omelette (V)


Creamed potatoes

Garden peas and baked beans


Yoghurt muffin

Fishy pasta

Cheese whirl (V)

Quorn patty on a bun (V)


Chips or crusty bread

Baked beans


Cookie and fruit